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Gibson Great Highland Bagpipes are designed and based on a prize winning set of MacDougal of Breadalbane pipes, considered by many to be the Stradivarius of bagpipes. It is said that this bagpipe was the only set ever to win four gold medals in one year. Jerry spent many hours and weekends carefully analyzing and duplicating this rare set of Old MacDougal’s. There were several unique features to this bagpipe to make it sound the way it did.



Gibson Firesides are a wonderful addition to your selection of instruments. They have a warm tone that is perfect for performing indoors or with other instruments. A stand alone instrument that has unique elements that make it surprisingly versatile. The fireside pipes come with a bass, a baritone and a tenor drone to create a substantial and full sound. The drones are designed to be turned off by twisting the drone stock so that you can have ease of use to create the sound you want.



The Gibson Ceilidh's offer a truly unique platform to express your talent. With the drones coming from one stock that sits across your chest and the option of having a bellow as appose to a blow pipe, this instrument offers versatility that is unparalleled. The tone and unique way to play this instrument makes it perfect to accompany other musicians. Because you do not have to blow into the bag to play them, another quality of this instrument is that it allows the piper to contribute vocals to the performance.

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Gibson Bagpipes



The Gibson practice chanter, designed as a stand alone instrument, will provide you with a quality of sound and balance that is uncommon in practice chanter manufacturers.



Reed protectors, adjustable blowpipes, split stock water traps, and more.



Gibson Bagpipes offers a variety of merchandise.

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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Gibson Bagpipes LLC to design, develop and produce world class handcrafted bagpipe instruments to our customers globally. We will continue to refine our quality and workmanship, expand our capabilities, increase our efficiency, and elevate our level of customer service to optimize the standard of excellence we have established throughout the industry

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